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PLEASE READ: Transition Bournemouth’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

On this website you’ll find information about us and what we get up to as well as details of our monthly gatherings and current projects! Take a look around and please do get in touch if you have any questions.

About us

Your local community preparing for change

The transition to a low energy future is inevitable. Whether this is a sudden crash or a managed descent is in our hands. The supply of oil is at the peak and will soon decline, water is becoming a scarce resource in some places, other resources are being squandered, and combating the effects of extreme weather attributed to climate change is urgent. We are promoting a local community preparing for these changes. We work positively together to look climate change, resource depletion, and species extinction squarely in the eye. We address this big question: starting now, how can we sustain our local community and thrive during the next few decades?

Creating a better Bournemouth

Transition Towns initiatives are local communities who are reducing the effects of peak oil and climate change. As part of this thriving local, national, and international movement, Transition Bournemouth helps bring people together and tries to create a better, more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally friendly place for us all to live.

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Transition Bournemouth’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 5th June 2020 We just wanted to let you all know that Transition Bournemouth has taken the decision to pause our face-to-face projects and meetings for the time being due to the quickly changing coronavirus situation and the sensible advice about social distancing by avoiding unnecessary public gatherings. Although our usual activities, such as … Continue reading Transition Bournemouth’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

BCP Climate Emergency – Your ideas welcome

Back in July, BCP Council declared a climate emergency (see our response). It was a great milestone. However, actions are more meaningful than words – and we’ve lots of past experience of our local government talking the talk but not walking the walk. BCP have now created a survey to “…to hear your ideas to cut … Continue reading BCP Climate Emergency – Your ideas welcome

Bournemouth Acts on Climate Crisis

Transition Bournemouth welcomes BCP Council’s decision to declare a Climate Emergency. It was only a matter of time before our newly formed Council joined hundreds of others up and down the country in declaring a Climate Emergency. We would like to thank the perseverance of the local people especially those from Extinction Rebellion and the … Continue reading Bournemouth Acts on Climate Crisis

Celebrate Bournemouth’s Green Successes!

Every year Transition Bournemouth has a review of what we’ve been up to with our various projects, each of which aims to promote sustainability to Bournemouth residents and helps make our community stronger and more resilient. This year our celebration will be on Wednesday 20th March, at the Poole Hill Brewery at the top of … Continue reading Celebrate Bournemouth’s Green Successes!

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