Slades Farm Conservation Group – Work Day #1

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to work on the Slades Farm Community Garden yesterday – our first working party! We had smashing weather and a great turnout of about 25 people.


We had been donated lots of plants for our boundary hedge which we planted, creating a really wide path between the garden and the dog training area. The hedge is made up of various species interwoven with what was already there – so oak, willow, birch, holly, crab apple, blackthorn, elder, hazel, some oriental elms, and some bay trees (and some we couldn’t identify – we’ll have to check to see if we recognise them when they are in leaf) . In addition to this were dog roses and rosa rugosa and some blackcurrants and raspberries.


Also as part of the boundary we have created a low bank using timber from the scrubby area and turves from within the garden area. Below is a picture of the bank being developed (the turf you can see there was then laid on top of the bank) and the new hedge planted in front of it.


Our next working party is on Sunday April 1st (yes really!) from 10:00 – 12:00. We will be doing more of the same – extending the hedge and bank, and also making some compost bays and planting potatoes in the areas were we stripped off the turf for the bank. If you have any spare seed potatoes or more hedge material that you’d like to donate, please let me know.

By the way, for those of you who use facebook, we did experience some confusion over times which we think is as a result of a software glitch. All of our working dates currently agreed are starting at 10 and ending at 12 (ish!) .

Best wishes,


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