Plant that Spud!

Bournemouth Schools have taken part in a project that promotes, re-use, recycling, local food and healthy eating (except for chips!)

The latest in a series of Transition Bournemouth sustainable projects with local schools was launched in Climate Week (12th – 18th March 2012). A number of local pupils have been given the opportunity to plant and grow potatoes in sacks. The sacks are from local firms and are being reused – they are tea sacks from Keith Spicer and coffee sacks from Remploy, all donated for free; the compost has been recycled from household green waste by local firm Eco Sustainable Solutions, and donated for free; some of the seed potatoes have also been donated for free by the local Homebase store. The remaining seed potatoes are organic seed stock from Garden Organic.

The schools taking part in this project are Kingsleigh Primary School, St. Katharine’s Primary School, Stourfield Infants, and Heathlands Primary School. Overall, around 300 pupils across the four schools have participated.


This shows a Year Two pupil from St. Katharine’s planting her potato to take home at the end of the school.

The Schools Gardening Project 2012 is funded by Green Goals, and is being run by Transition Bournemouth in partnership with Environmental Learning Solutions, who supply the teaching staff, and Bournemouth Council’s Waste and Recycling Team.

This partnership has previously successfully delivered a range of eco-workshops for local schools as part of the Bournemouth and Poole Big Green Fortnight 2011. These included Recycler, the rapping robot; Green Dragons, an eco-version of the TV show, and busy bees, an inspiring bee talk by TV personality Brigit Strawbridge.


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