Potato Fields Forever – Work Day #3

Ok, it doesn’t have the same ring as Strawberry fields, but take a look at this !

The gardening day on 21st April was blessed with fair weather after a forecast that had been consistently miserable for days. We had a great turnout with around 15 people. We planted a selection of fruit trees from the lovely Cherry Tree Nursery to start off our orchard / forest garden area, which include eating and cooking apples, pears, plums and cherries. They are on dwarf stock so won’t get hugely tall – which will make harvesting easier. We have planted them far enough apart that even when they are full-grown there will be sunlight falling in between the trees, allowing for a healthy and productive understory. We planted two of each variety to ensure successful pollination.

Not only that, but we had a potato-planting fest as well! We continued with making keyhole beds but have also experimented with a narrow trench planting method (see photo).

Following on from our workday, one extra keen volunteer has developed our prototype compost bays just using materials on site. We will need a few more of these over time, and for now, at our next work day will need to continue adding brush to complete the panels of the bays.

Our next work day is Saturday, 26th May, from 10:00 – 12:00. I hope that by then we’ll be earthing up the potatoes !


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