Slades Farm Update

What a wet few weeks ! Still it has helped the trees we planted in both the hedge and the orchard to do well. The perimeter bank is looking great, and the potatoes have started coming through! Not such good news for the jerusalem artichokes though – we may need to plan some slug defenses!

We will shortly be setting dates for the rest of the year. If you come along already , or would like to, which day of the week or time is better for you? If you could let us know, that would be really helpful.

Many thanks to those who have let me know that they have seen the article about the community garden in this month’s copy of Poole Life.

Our next working party is from 10:00 – 12:00 on Saturday 26th May – next Saturday. Let’s hope that our luck so far holds and we have nice weather for it. We have a range of tasks available to us, from weeding the veg beds and earthing up the potatoes, sowing wildflowers, creating the brush walls of the compost bays, and clearing areas for extending the orchard in the autumn. I would also like us to look at paths in the garden, planning where they should go and maybe some mowing mayhem !


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