Bournemouth Naturally Project Launch

The Borough of Bournemouth contains some interesting areas of wildlife value. From major SSSIs to pocket-handkerchief-sized greens, all hold importance for plants and animals, yet much of it is unrecorded and unnoticed.

These open spaces are the green lungs of the town, greatly appreciated by residents and visitors alike. They are places to visit, play, or just relax. For wildlife, they are refuges against the increasing tide of development. The presence of singing birds, beautiful flowers, butterflies, cute squirrels even, are enjoyed or tolerated, but mostly unrecognised.

The Bournemouth Naturally Project is promoted by the Bournemouth Natural Science Society, with assistance from the Dorset Wildlife Trust and officers of Bournemouth Council, and funded by Heritage Lottery. Its main aim is to raise the profile of the borough’s wildlife. The overall objective is to survey, and later monitor, the flora and fauna of Bournemouth’s open green spaces. Apart from being an important scientific exercise, the project seeks to involve residents by demonstrating the wide variety that exists, encouraging help with the recording, assisting identification of flowers, insects and birds, generally making each visit to a park a voyage of discovery; also, creating a greater appreciation for these places and their denizens. The project is aimed at everyone from children to the elderly, individuals to conservation groups, and will spill over into school playing fields and back gardens.

The results of the surveys will form a snapshot record of the various species identified and be placed on the national database. As controversy rages about Climate Change or Global Warming, the records will be a baseline upon which to measure what is happening. This is vitally important, but the project will hopefully create greater interest in wildlife amongst the public as they come to recognise the various plants and animals and appreciate we are all partners in this marvellous world.

This launch will be the official introduction to the Bournemouth Naturally Project and the officer in charge, Heather Dixon. The launch will take place at the Natural Science Society’s headquarters at 39 Christchurch Road on Saturday 9th June at 11am, offering also an introduction to its collections as well as demonstrations and family activities.

Please contact Theresa at if you are interested in attending.


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