Slades Farm 2012 Dates

On our last splendid morning spent in the community garden, on Saturday 26th May, we spent some time admiring the lush growth of the meadow, (see photo), and the growth of our potatoes, onions and artichokes, before setting to thoroughly watering everything that we have planted so far this year. There was so much to water that we didn’t have time to make any further progress on our fine compost bays that Carl has been working on (see photo below). We found that we have had one or two planting losses, but considering we have planted something like 200 trees in our hedge, and a dozen in the orchard, that’s not bad at all. We will be planting more in the autumn !

We now have some dates agreed for working parties the rest of year.  They are a mixture of weekdays and weekend days to try and find slots that will be suitable for everyone. The arrangements will be the same – the times will all be from 10:00 – 12:00. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to bring our own tools but you will be responsible for them. Please wear appropriate clothing and above all footwear.

Work Days       Work Dates

Sunday              17/06/2012

Thursday           28/06/2012

Saturday            21/07/2012

Friday                03/08/2012

Sunday              19/08/2012

Wednesday        29/08/2012

Saturday            15/09/2012

Thursday          04/10/2012

Sunday              21/10/2012

Friday                02/11/2012

Saturday            17/11/2012

Wednesday        28/11/2012

Sunday              16/12/2012

Looking forward to seeing you there



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