Slades Farm Sunday – CANCELLED

Sadly, Sunday’s meeting for a Slades Farm Community Garden working party has had to be CANCELLED. The Park’s team are unexpectedly short handed this week and so no-one will be available to support us.

However, for those of you who are keen to get gardening, the Friends of Moore Avenue park in West Howe run a gardening club for all ages that helps to keep Moore Avenue Park looking beautiful throughout the year. Their next Gardening session is on Saturday 25thAugust at 10.30am, meeting at the West Howe Library.

A fat Cinnabar caterpillar

And many thanks to all those who have been helping pull out the pernicious ragwort. We have at last cleared the central area, taking out three truckloads altogether, leaving just a few stands where we found some cinnabar moth caterpillars (pictured above).

Our next meeting at Slades Farm will be on Wednesday 29th August from 10:00 – 12:00, when I hope we’ll be able to lift some of the potatoes. I hope to see you there – and please bring a bag !


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