Wild Food Walk this Saturday

Here’s an update from Will on the Wild Food Walk this Saturday.

Looking at the BBC weather forecast this morning, it seems we will be blessed with a decent gap in the weather for Saturday so let’s go for it.
Just a little reminder, without wanting to sound like your mum, make sure you have got lots of warm clothes (although it’s a walk we’ll be going pretty slow and stopping lots), waterproofs (just in case), lunch for yourself and maybe something to sit on as the ground will be damp, money for ferry and a drink if you want to hang around afterwards. You might also want to bring a camera and notepad.

If anybody is planning to cycle out with me it would be helpful if you could reply to this email and let me know which point you will be waiting at just so I have an idea (Gwyn, I  know you will be at the ferry).  I’ve included the meet up times at the bottom of this email, please be on time as I don’t want to keep others waiting. Also please bring lock, high vis and lights if you have.

If anyone is wanting to lift share or can offer a seat please give Theresa a call: 07958 138053.

Otherwise, after some initial confusion, it seems there is a bus service, although a less regular timetable: http://www.morebus.co.uk/service.shtml?serviceid=1563

For any other queries or for any issues on the actual day please call/text me (Will) on: 07896 901185.
Theresa, if you get a chance, can you put a confirmation message on the website in case anyone misses this email.
Think that’s about it, really looking forward to our foraging adventure together, any questions just get in touch, Will.

The bike convoy:

9.15 outside the Oceanarium at Bournemouth Pier.

9.30 outside Branksome Chine beach station.

10.00 at the the chain ferry in anticipation of catching the 10.20 crossing


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