What a Wonderful Walk

What a fantastic walk we had yesterday in Studland ! Many thanks to Will ! Not only did he provide lots of fascinating information about plants that provide a yield we can use, but also had samples of fruit syrups and fruit leathers for us to try ! Whoopee !

We were very lucky with the weather and it was a gloriously sunny autumnal day. Amongst the many plants discussed were elder, hawthorn, dogrose, st. John’s wort, blackthorn, nettle, ground elder, and a variety of seaweeds. After the walk we relaxed in the sunny beer garden of the Bankes Arms, which sells a great range of Purbeck Brewery products, with bunnies frolicking in nearby fields and the gorgeous panorama of Poole Bay in the background.

As the day what a complete success, we hope to arrange a number of similar events for next year. If you want to get something organised yourself, contact Will via http://www.downtoearthbushcraft.com/.

Here’s a photo of the group as we started out – I am afraid I got too engrossed to remember to take any more but I hope others will post additional photos.

Wild Food Walk on Studland
Wild Food Walk on Studland

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