Slades Farm on Friday 2nd November


Weather permitting we will meet again on Friday at the Slades Farm Community Garden from 10:00 – 12:00. We have a few herbs to plant and more comfrey – a plant that enriches the soil by bringing up minterals from the deeps… we also have some regular garlic and some wild garlic to plant. We are really short of mulching material, however. If anyone has any spare straw, bark, wood chippings, shredded paper, cardboard etc, please let me know.

On Wednesday, again weather-permitting, we hope to have a group of students do a specific project for us, which is to build a wicker fence around a small veg patch. This is to keep dogs from straying on vegetables. Please note that it is still not our intention to fence off the whole garden, just one or two small areas where there will be low-growing veges. These areas will not be locked, so everyone will still have easy access.

Before the end of the year we aim to hold one or two design workshops in order to gather input from as many people as possible as to what you would like the community garden to be like.

For further information, please contact Theresa on 07958 138053 or at


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