Family Information Day at Sovereign Centre, Boscombe on Thurs 1st Nov 2012

On Thursday 1st November Transition Bournemouth attended a Family Information Day at the Sovereign Centre, Boscombe. The aim of our stall was to raise awareness of sustainable living, seasonal/locally grown food and to let people know what we are about and what we’ve been up to.

We decided to lure the public to our stand by offering free cake samples. Kim made some Fairtrade chocolate refrigerator cake and Martha and Ruth bought along some delicious parsnip, lemon and walnut cake. The parsnip cake was so popular that Martha had to run off and bake another three before the afternoon rush!

Although we had produced some recipe cards they were snapped up very quickly and we received lots of requests for how to find them. The recipes can be found online via the links below:-

Parsnip and Walnut Cake –

Chocolate Refrigerator Cake –

We also asked people to share their “seeds of knowledge” and got them to write their eco-friendly and thrifty tips on paper apples. We had a great response and some of the best ideas included:-

“Buy seasonal, locally grown food to reduce food miles and carbon emissions.”

“Put tin foil shiny side out behind radiators to reflect heat and reduce energy bills”

“If you don’t NEED it don’t BUY it!”

We spoke to 50-60 people throughout the day and had some fascinating conversations about seasonal food, reducing waste, baking with vegetables and much more.

The event was so successful that we will be back in the Sovereign Centre with a festively themed stall and more free cake on Thursday 20th December. Come and say hello!

By Kim Newman

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