Ground Designs

Lots of people came along to the Slades Farm Community Garden Design Workshop on Saturday, and lots more who couldn’t be there constributed their ideas. There were some ideas which formed a common thread, like ponds, meadows and the forest garden/orchard. Everyone thought there ought to be at least one water feature, with one student from St. Mark’s Primary School suggesting that we include a swimming pool !  The organisers are collating the creative outputs from the session and will continue the collaborative process via email.


Many thanks to the North Bournemouth Allotment Society for generously providing us a venue, and such gorgeous home baking, and many thanks to everyone who came along and who provided input into the design. It has made this a proper community project!

While the final design plan for this phase is being produced, we know we have a few tasks in hand that we need to get on with. There are a few finishing touches needed to our fenced veg plot – like a gate, and making the vegetable beds ready for the spring. Any turf we take off we can use to bolster our perimeter bank. We also have quite a number of fruit trees and soft fruit bushes to plant as soon as the weather allows.

Our next work party is Sunday 27th January from 10:00 – 12:00, weather permitting. Let’s hope the snow has gone by then !




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