February’s First Slades Farm Foray

We had a lovely day last Sunday at the Community Garden and created two of our four planned beds inside our fenced vegetable patch. Four is a handy number for crop rotation which prevents the build up of diseases in the soil. (Another way of preventing soil diseases is called polyculture – where all sorts of plants are grown together.) We created the beds by measuring and marking them out, carefully slicing off just the top turf, leaving as much of the soil as possible. We then barrowed the turf to our perimeter bank in order to help build it up.

We also gratefully received some young trees from the Parks department which have been planted along edge of the path in between the garden and the dog training area. (Thanks Sam ! )

Our next working party is TOMORROW, Saturday 2nd February, from 10:00 – 12:00. Weather permitting, we plan to create the remaining two veg beds and use the turves to build up the bank,and there is still a bit of weaving and tidying up of the fence to be done, so please come along and join in ! (Wearing appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear, of course ! )

We are also looking for suggestions for what to plant in the fenced vegetable patch. Bear in mind that the fenced area is to keep dogs away from the parts of vegetables we eat,  so root vegetables can be planted in beds outside of the fenced area. We ideally are a looking for crops for all seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Please let Sarah have your ideas.

Here is a photo from Sunday 27th January, of our veg beds being made.



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