The Big Dig

The Slades Farm Community Garden is taking part in the Big Dig on Saturday, weather permitting. The forecast is currently for light occasional showers on Saturday morning, which is fine for gardening. However, should it turn into a continuous downpour then we’ll postpone until our next work session on Sunday 24th March from 10:00 – 12:00.


On Saturday 16th March community food growing gardens across Bournemouth and Poole are opening their gates to fledgling green-fingered enthusiasts and experienced gardeners alike.  They need your help to prepare the gardens for spring planting and while you’re there hope they will convert you into becoming long term volunteers.

Local Coordinator, Sarah Watson believes the Big Dig Day offers a great introduction to gardening for novices “If you have never grown before but always fancied giving it a go, if you don’t have anywhere of your own to grow or you just want a great day out meeting new people from your neighbourhood then the Big Dig is for you!  It’s a brilliant way of getting involved with a community food growing project where you live. All our community growing spaces need as much help as possible so don’t be shy, everyone, whatever your age, experience or ability is needed and will be made very welcome.  With five different gardens to choose from and more signing up every day there is bound to be one close to you where you can get involved and help out. So go along, get digging and help make Bournemouth and Poole’s first Big Dig a thriving community food growing day”

Some of the projects are new and others well established but all are looking for your help to make their gardens thrive.  From an established Organic patch and a new shared allotment for single parents, both at Stanley Green, to Townsend Youth Centre and an inclusive garden at Throop to a great growing space at Wallisdown.  Have a look at the website to find a garden near you and all the information you need on how to get involved.  Young or old, experienced green fingers or never grown before, everyone is welcome!

This initiative is part of the national Big Dig campaign and will be the largest ever Big Dig community garden growing day, engaging thousands of people in volunteer-run food-growing projects in towns and cities throughout the country. Interest in where our food comes from and how it is produced has long been on the news agenda, and more so in recent weeks. Clare Horrell from the Big Dig said: “The horsemeat scandal has highlighted many problems in our food chain. One of the best ways to know where you food comes from is to grow it yourself. With huge allotment waiting lists, for those who don’t have a garden, getting involved in your local community growing space is a great way to get ‘own-grown’ produce.”

Thanks to the support of Bournemouth and Poole Councils the Big Dig is on-going so if you would like to volunteer later in the year, want to find out about community food growing in your area or would like to start your own community garden we will do our best to help.  Please contact Sarah on 07789 656566 or


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