Slades Farm Sunday

Come and join us at the Slades Farm Community Garden on Sunday 30th June from 10:00 – 12:00. We’ll be doing a variety of gardening tasks as well as checking out the wildlife on site. We will also be getting the ground ready for the Slades Farm Sports and Talent Festival.

The festival runs from 4pm on Thursday 11th July to 4pm on Sunday 14th July.  Coles Fun Fair will be on each afternoon/evening from the Thursday. There are various music and talent acts / competitions running on Friday, lots of Sports activities and demonstrations on Saturday, and a Community Day on Sunday with a variety of performances on both stages, in the arena, in the velodrome, and in the dog-training area and lots of stalls and activities, including at the Community Garden.

If you are free and would like to help out at the Community Garden on Sunday 14th July, or would like to donate something to the Slades Farm Community Garden fund-raising stall, please get in contact on 07958 138053.


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