Slades Farm Wildlife Pond Fencing

With a break in the weather over the weekend, the construction of the fencing around the wildlife pond at Slades Farm Community Garden has begun.


Last Sundays session saw off the the most physically demanding work – that being driving the fence posts into the ground with a manual piledriver which, if you’ve never tried it, takes a lot out of you but it feels great when it’s done – one tip though, definitely wear gardening gloves before you attempt this!

sladesholdpostWith a small group of enthusiastic volunteers taking turns at the hammering, drilling, sawing and piledriving, the two dozen or so posts needed to support the 50-60 meter run of fencing were in place and braced by mid afternoon. Not bad considering a break for sandwiches and homemade cake was included in the task, which attracted a number of dogs over from their walkies to see if there was any going spare!

With the permission of the weather, next Sundays work will see the fencing attached to the posts. This will leave only the gate to be constructed and fitted, completing the fencing run.

The wildlife pond is the latest addition to the Slades Farm Community Garden, complimenting the young fruit trees, vegetable patch and wild flower meadow areas already in place. Over the coming weekends we plan to lay the liner for the pond and fill it up, providing a perfect habitiat for a variety of pond based wildlife.

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