Statement from Annual Report 2020-21

While the social restrictions we have all endured over the last year and a half have been well-meaning and have certainly saved lives, it has meant that we have all had to put on hold many of the interactions that we would normally take for granted. Transition Bournemouth decided to pause all public facing events until such time that they could be safely resumed. During the lockdown period we moved our monthly meetings online along with our green movie discussions, and in doing so we met with new faces in the local green community. We resumed our outdoor community garden workdays when it was safe to do so but were not able to run some of our other events such as the Bournemouth Repair Cafe.

As we head into late 2021, we can all hopefully begin to put the events of the past 18 months behind us and begin to safely reconnect with our friends, families, and the wider public. Transition Bournemouth will be resuming our indoor events including the Repair Cafe, Film Screenings, and will be continuing our timetable of community garden workdays. A full timetable of these event will be made available through our usual channels – our website and Facebook pages.

The task of re-imagining our lives to be less harmful to the natural world can seem a daunting one. There are many who may believe that any changes we could make to our own lifestyles cannot possibly have any impact on the wider world, and yet back in March of 2020 we saw a glimpse of just how powerful these collective changes can be. In many areas of the world there were clearer skies above our cities, and global emissions reached a low not seen since the mid-20th century. I am not suggesting of course that we live in permanent lockdown, and I doubt anyone else is either! But the point was made that changes to our behaviour do have an immediate and dramatic effect on the natural world around us, if taken collectively. Transition Bournemouth will continue to promote the changes we can all make in our lives to reduce our impact on the environment, and through our projects will help others to bring down their carbon footprint, produce less waste, and use less of our world’s precious resources.

Pete Allen, Chair of Trustees

Read the full Transition Bournemouth Annual Report 2020-21:

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