The People of Bournemouth Care about the Planet

We have some great news from our Count On Me campaign! You have been telling us how you reduce your carbon emissions because you care about the impacts of climate change. We want you to know that your actions do make a difference, together we have saved enough CO2 to fill the Bournemouth Balloon 50 times over!

18891673_1888498648097782_787986985194733112_oIf you want to reduce your emissions even more (saving a further 1600kgs of CO2 every year) and haven’t done so yet, you can still switch to a clean energy supplier. We have teamed up with Big Clean Switch to offer you the chance to make a difference and save money. Big Clean Switch have made it easy for you to compare four suppliers so you can make a choice that’s right for you. On average people switching save £170 a year.