Count On Me – A carbon-saving awareness project

Winton carnival 2016The Count On Me project, launched in June 2016 with Transition Bournemouth volunteers, friends and family taking part in a parade through Winton as part of the Winton carnival.

The project designed by Transition member Angela Fendley aimed to promote and encourage sustainable behaviour. It helped tackle climate change by celebrating the positive steps people are taking to reduce their impact on the planet.

CoM - Counting boardsThe campaign offered a range of sustainable activities to choose from (e.g. cycling instead of taking the car, eating less meat etc.). Each of these has a value in the amount of CO2 saved and this is added to a central counter, which demonstrates the collective effect of shared participation.

The counter was digitised in 2018 so that local residents could also sign up online. The total amount saved over the life of the project was a whopping 800 tons of CO2!

CoM - Toatal

The carbon counter was an easy concept to grasp and offered an ideal opportunity to talk to local people about our changing climate and how we can learn to live more sustainably by choosing lower carbon foods, buying locally grown/sourced produce, limiting travel and using public transport.

CoM - icons

Count On Me gives people the chance to be proud and know that their individual actions can make a real and measurable difference and know that every action moves us in the right direction towards combating not just climate change but social inequality, environmental degradation and unsustainable consumption.

Com at ChristmasThe Count On Me team of volunteers went out and about to many events in the community, colleges and universities, including talking to Christmas shoppers to encourage people to think about how they could reduce their impact on the planet over the festive season, and make their Christmas count by choosing gifts wisely and encouraging people to think about reducing their waste of food and energy.

Count On Me gives people the chance to be proud and know that their individual actions can make a real and measurable difference.

The project was gratefully funded and supported by Green Goals. Bournemouth Borough Council and SUSTAIN. Count On Me is currently on hold pending further funding and volunteer support, if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch.