Slades Farm Open Day 2015

Slades Farm community garden held its 2015 summer open day on Sunday July 12th. Visitors were tempted by choice plants for sale and yummy cake to learn more about the Slades Farm project and about the Transition BH groups as a whole.


Many people had a look at the pond, and had a go at pond dipping. The new pond was completed in spring and is now a key feature of the garden, with lots of water creatures, like water beetles, water boatmen, damselflies and dragon flies settling in.

11737813_10203167285462959_7601187097080758129_nLots of water snails have mysteriously appeared, and in sunny weather the pond attracts damsel and dragon flies. We have loads of cinnabar moth caterpillars on the ragwort this year, they are the cute-looking yellow and black stripey ones.

Garden plants and home-made cakes were available from the stalls setup for the event. Also provided was a range of information detailing the activities of the local Transition groups, collectively known as Transition BH.

Slades Farm community garden is located in a relaxing natural environment, with nearby children’s playground, skate park, velodrome, recreation ground, woods, and of course lots more stalls and activities around the Ensbury Park Community Centre.

Now in it’s fourth year, the garden is home to several varieties of young fruit trees and a range of vegetable patches containing potatoes, strawberries, beans and many other types.

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Sustainable Food in Bournemouth and Poole

foodcityBournemouth and Poole Borough councils were successful in their bid to see the area become one of six pioneering locations for the national Sustainable Food Cities project. The project aims to encourage and empower regions to take charge of their food procurement, in a sustainable way.

The BH area is working to implement initiatives to bring fishing operations up to sustainable levels and enhance local food production by engaging with existing communal growing activities, as well as providing many more opportunuities for for people to get gardening.

As part of the action plan, the Bournemouth and Pool partnership also aims to encourage food production in the home garden. A project is being brought to life which will provide residents with the know-how and confidence to turn part of their garden over to food, as well as provide them some “starter” plants to get going with. The pilot for this project is set to run in spring of 2015. 

Residents will gain valuable growing experience, which they may like to bring to one of the many community gardens around the BH area, helping the region to head towards a more sustainable and well-fed future.

The Sustainable Food Cities site contains information on all kinds of activities taking place across the country and includes a page detailing the Bournemouth & Poole Sustainable Food Partnerships plans for the coming years.