Bournemouth Acts on Climate Crisis

Transition Bournemouth welcomes BCP Council’s decision to declare a Climate Emergency.

It was only a matter of time before our newly formed Council joined hundreds of others up and down the country in declaring a Climate Emergency. We would like to thank the perseverance of the local people especially those from Extinction Rebellion and the young people on the climate strikes who have campaigned for this and our brave new Councillors of the Unity Alliance for taking this seriously and acting upon it.

Climate marchTransition Bournemouth has long been mindful of our changing climate and the devastating consequences to our ecosystems, our human health and our crop yields if the planet keeps warming. The IPCC report from last October stated that limiting warming to 1.5˚C requires major and immediate transformation and we are pleased that BCP Council has set a target date of 2030 to be carbon neutral which is more ambitious than the UK government’s date of 2050.

This isn’t a time for business as usual and we all need to play a part in halting the climate crisis. Fortunately the Council have also agreed to a Citizens Assembly that will allow local residents from across all sectors of the community to have their voice heard and help shape future decisions that protect our environment for generations to come.

IMG_20170624_141021Transition Bournemouth is keen to be involved in helping to reach these targets. Our projects already demonstrate our commitment to living a lighter life, being locally resilient and reducing our impact on the planet, and we do so with energy, support and fun.  If you would like to join us visit where you can find out about our regular meetings, social events, community growing, Repair Café and carbon counting project.  Maybe you have your own ideas for how we can reach net zero by 2030, come and share your passion with us and together we can act now to make a difference.

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